It takes a long time to come to a point where you feel comfortable in your own skin. I was there, eight years ago, before my accident. Then I had to relearn to love a new version of myself and that was no easy task.


The luxury of coming to a place in my life, where I am now, where I have come to appreciate the new me, with both her physical and mental limitations, has been difficult - but I am just about there. The last two years, especially, has forced me to slow down. reflect, and really listen to what my body is telling me to do. Things take me longer to do - especially my art, which used to make me sad, but I now learn is just a part of who I am. 

To have this level of self realization has brought a level of fulfillment to me that money can't buy. It is something I appreciate and cherish each day, even on the bad days.  These pieces are a fun, vibrant reflection of what I have learned.