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BACCA 31st Annual Judged Art Show

One thing I have seen as dipping my toe in the Long Island artist community is how extremely talented so many individuals are, and how diverse it is! In the past year, as the world has slowly opened back up, I have made an effort to get myself out there. To meet more fellow artists, and not get myself shut indoors due to my medical disadvantages.

By joining multiple art groups and showing my work at different shows and events, I have gotten to know so many artists, who are so incredibly talented. They create for the pure joy of it, which I can very much relate to. They are some of the kindest, and sweetest people I have met in a long time.

One of the most recent shows I applied for was the BACCA 31st Annual Judged Art Show. The piece I entered, "What You Learn-II", didn't place, but I really didn't mind. I got to be apart of a show with an incredible diverse group of artists. What I truly appreciated was that BACCA (Babylon Citizen Council on the Arts) made a beautiful webpage to share the exhibit with those who could not see it in person. As you view the page, you see such a variety of art; from realism to abstract. All different hands, but all with something in common, the love of creating.

To view the page, click here. Enjoy some art today!

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