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Oh Yea! I Have a Blog!

I always feel weird trying to write a blog post. That's probably why I haven't written one in Y-E-A-R-S. Why? Well, I don't think people care about what I have to say. This is not meant as a "look at me and give me attention" type of statement. I just feel like with the majority of humans being SO connected with social media and wanting instant gratification, why would anyone want to read a blog post from an artist?

But I am realizing this could be good for me. Just me. If others want to read it and connect over it, cool - that'd be awesome.

Winston :)

So here is to me just blabbing about whatever comes to mind - to get it out into the universe and out of my head. Because I think everyone needs that from time to time. Plus, I need to get my brain functioning a bit more. I miss my expanded vocabulary. Maybe this will help? Also, I think Winston is getting tired of me hahahaha

So here is to me sharing my thoughts, process, accomplishments, failures - all the juicy stuff.

xx - L

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