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When Art Finds a New Home

Talk about an amazing feeling! I recently have had the blessings of beings able to feature some of my art in fun new ways that I didn't realize would be so entertaining.

First was International Art and Found Day that was started by a Canadian artist who wanted to honor her father who passed from cancer. Which I can relate to loosing my uncle this pass December and my cousins husband the November before.

I made abstract floral pieces, special for the day, and to watch complete strangers pick the art up and the smiles on their faces was incredible.

The next was being involved with the exhibition "A Sense of Place" at Mills Pond Gallery in St. James, NY. That to me was incredible. I would go to that gallery often in my early 20's, and never dreamed one of my pieces would be accepted. Hell, I never thought I would be in my mid 30's creating art, period. It's funny where life takes you.

The gallery is inside a historic building and everywhere you turn, is stunning architecture. Those little details that make historic buildings so special. Each room was filled with incredible art and I was so humbled to have my piece "Walks Through Avalon" a part of it!

"A Sense of Place" at Mills Pond Gallery, St James, New York

I've also joined the South Bay Artist Association. I am trying to find something to do with all this time I have on my hands, besides painting, or sleeping, and to find individuals with like interests. So I figured why not! Right?

They had a group exhibition happening at The Cheese Patch in Patchogue, NY and I thought I would try it out. Only 8 people could make it in, so I thought I would try. Well I was shocked they let me into the exhibit, and even more shocked that so many people responded to positive to it. I entered "Neverland's Violent Waters" and to have people go to my site, read up on it, and write to me to reach out about their experiences, meant the world to me.

I was even more shocked when a young gentleman found me on IG and informed me that he was the new owner of the piece. He shared a photo of where it was now living which made me so incredibly happy. See when I find new homes for my art, it makes those memories that were attached to that piece subside. The good, the bad, the ugly it all just finds peace. "Neverland's Violent Waters" was a piece that needed to find a home and for a man to chose it, was even more striking. But now that hard time can rest.

I shared the exciting news with my SBAA members and they were a bit concerned because no art should have left the Cheese Patch until the show ended, which is the end of this week. So after a full day of investigating, and not much figured out, not on their end, they were amazing, it was decided I would place another piece up to fill in the empty spot.

So if you go to the Cheese Patch in Patchogue, NY this week, you will see "A Steampunk's Metal Heart".

I've also placed a few pieces into the "Beauty of Nature" show at Paper Doll Vintage Boutique in Sayville, New York. I love Paper Doll Vintage and everything Dominique does for local artist being a local business owner. She comes up with some of the coolest themes for her art shows. Pre Covid, she would have these lovely Opening Receptions, but in the time of Covid, she has done full day Opening Receptions since we can not have too many people in the shop at once.

from left to right

"Look Me In The Eyes", "Panic Posies", "Residual Blossoms", "I'm a Prayer"

I am just thrilled to get some of my pieces out in the world for people to see. I mean, don't get me wrong, I adore looking at them in my storage room, but there's no greater feeling than someone else connecting to your art and learning how they feel when they see it.

That is something pretty special.

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