Bottom of the River II

Bottom of the River II

“Bottom of the River II” Inspired by the lyrics of Delta Rae.
The movement of water, as one looks upward, as they are at rock bottom.
The golden sun, hitting the top, glistening the ripples of the water, warming the top level, acting as a goal to reach. It’s a long way down, but life isn’t over because you’re at the bottom. You just have some fight ahead of you.
Just remember, you’re not alone. It might feel that way as you’re drowning at the bottom, but reach out. You’ll be so surprised who holds their hand to join you on the journey back to the surface.
Size: 16”H x 20”W x 1.5”D
Material: Acrylics, gel mold medium, gold guild, wrapped canvas. Gallery wire, ready to hang.

All paintings come with Certificate of Authenticity.

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