Sunday Morning (best of me)

Sunday Morning (best of me)

“Sunday Morning (best of me)”
The original painting was based on the song "Sunday Morning" by No Doubt. In the song, the singer is reflecting on how a great relationship went south. How they wish they were the other person during the relationship. How they put the other person on a pedestal, and how they had the strength. They felt they were weak and pathetic. However, over time, after they were no longer together, the singer realizes that the person who left her was truly the pathetic one. That they have changed places. 
The original painting was very dark, and I felt needed something more. That is when The Starting Line came in. 
"Best of Me" is a song by The Starting Line, which is a song I have adored since I was a teenager. It is hopeful, upbeat, and optimistic that just because something has gone wrong, doesn't mean everything else has to go wrong. Miscommunication happens in everything relationship, but just because one left you guarded, doesn't mean everything will end up with a terrible ending. 
If you close yourself off to people, you don't have the opportunity to find any form of happiness, laughter, or life.   
Materials: Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Acrylics
Dimensions: 40"W x 30"H x 1.5"D 

This comes unframed, but ready to hang.

All paintings come with Certificate of Authenticity.


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