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Tell Me You Have Talented Friends...

...without telling me you have talented friends... I'll start!

SEE WHAT I MEAN!? I am not one to enjoy being in front of the camera, I KNOW! SHOCKING! But my dear friend, Holly Hunt, twisted my arm to get me to "sit" for a creative artist photoshoot. The experience meant so much more to me that I think she knew at the time.

It's been over two years since I had to stop working in my career as a carpet designer/sales manager/business development human (yea I know that is a lot of things), and I've been struggling with finding my way, and a new routine. When you're commuting to Manhattan for almost half of your life, and then one day it just stops, I went into a tailspin.

On top of not being able to work anymore, I was also struggling adjusting to my physical limitations, handling my use of a cane, the loss of just not being able to do so many things that I took for granted for so long. I've been in intense therapy for almost 4 years now, and even though it has helped, I still had to get over this insecurity of being in my mid to late thirties, needing a cane, and the difficult changes that were happening so rapidly.

I started to create art in order to express all of these emotions I had building up inside. It has been the best form of therapy for me. So to put my art, my cane, hell... myself on display, was not the easiest of decisions. However, I am so happy I did!

These photos truly show me, as I am, and I couldn't been more in love with them. For so long I was embarrassed with having to use a cane. It was something I didn't like to be photographed with. I would hate every photo taken of me where my cane was in it. This photoshoot made me proud of my usage of my cane. I have finally come to a place where I embrace this tool that helps me every day.

The experience also brought so many laughs and an appreciation to just be... to just appreciate where I was, with who I was with, and the experience as a whole. As the sun was setting, I was in a place, physically and mentally, that gave me so much peace in my soul, even when I got hit with a rouge wave and was soaking wet from the knees down.

But what meant the most that came out of the day are the three photos to the below.

Why you ask? Well here's why! The first photo shows me just happy and comfortable. Sometimes I haven't felt in a long time. The second photo is me with the painting that started it all, "11:04". The painting that started this journey of healing through art and coming to terms what life has thrown my way. The third photo is me in my element. Being near the water, painting whatever my soul feels, with one of my favorite jackets that I don't wear enough!

The entire experience just made me so proud of what I have accomplished since my accident in 2013. I am so grateful for every experience I have had since then and incredibly happy to have people like Holly in my life.

This might not have been the life I would've chosen, but it is the life I have, and I love it.

Want to learn more about Holly and her incredible photography? Check her out at

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