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Anyone Watch Anything Good This Week???

Anyone?? Maybe??? Cause I did :)

Sorry, I am still so beyond happy with how the episode came out. I know I was anxious and freaked out, probably due to one of my brother saying months ago, "Well you signed your life away... good luck!" Oh siblings!

The amount of kindness I have received has truly mean everything to me! I know I keep saying it over every form of social media, but it really does. When you are someone who is use to bad news, the majority of the time, to hear positive feedback, especially about my art, which is deeply personal, I am so thankful.

With the show finally airing, I felt such a weight lifted off my shoulders. Not just about the show, but just a chapter of my life is finally closed. I know in my last post I babbled a bit about a certain group of individuals and my anxiety/fear of even doing the filming. Those people aren't bad individuals, I think they just got caught up in moments. Watching the show made all of that pain I still felt, melt away. (No pun intended with my art/Lexi's amazing work.)

One thing I really admire about Lexi is that she is her own person. She wears what she wants, creates what she wants, says what she wants, etc.

See when this was originally filmed, I was going through a great evolution in my own life. I had recently just ended a 15 year career, that I LOVED, and I was constantly trying to figure out who I was, without my career. Adapting from being extremely independent to being dependent on others to help me day to day. Where I was then, to where I am now, is someone completely different. Someone I am comfortable being. The short time I spent with Lexi, and the conversations we had off camera, helped me with that.

But the one thing that meant the most during that entire experience was having the Salon Martone staff come to the exhibit itself. When you walk into Salon Martone, they really make you feel like family. As an Italian/Irish American, it felt like family, like something familiar. I felt so safe in that salon, you know they really do appreciate every single one of their clients.

To have Jennifer tell me she was coming to the exhibit when I walked in, was a great surprise. See my mother lives in South Florida, and never gets to see my art in person. Having Jennifer Martone their was like having this supportive mother figure, and her reaction to certain pieces would be exactly how my mother would react.

With Foxy attacking me with a comb and teasing my hair, to make sure I looked just right for the big evening, was incredibly kind, even with all that hairspray! Why? Because it is difficult for me to do my own hair with my neurological issues, that affect my arms and hands. It also brought back an incredible memory for me. At my first job in NYC after college, I worked at a company and at 3pm one of my coworkers, who was in her mid to late 70's, would come to the Art Department with a comb and ask me to fluff her hair for her. Eileen would sit at my drafting table, and I would take that comb and do the best I could. 15 years later, to have Foxy say "I got to fluff you", brought back such a happy memory for me.

Then for Lexi and Ashley actually trying to create the type of art I make, share the pieces with me, and even bring it to the event, was amazing! Why? Because, I love people trying new things and knowing they tried, even with the hand torch, was so sweet.

And Marsha, let me tell you about Marsha, she is a talented nail artist. The conversation we had that day at the salon was incredible. Why? Cause I don't get out of my house much. Especially during this pandemic. It is usually just to go to doctors appointments, that aren't teledoc appointments, and to have such an in-depth conversation with someone, after not having that in MONTHS meant a lot to me.

I was/still am so proud to have them as my guests that evening. I am so glad they got to experience a New York City Gallery Closing Reception, even if some of the art was out of their wheelhouse. But most of all for other artists to see the type of art Lexi creates. It might not be a large canvas, but she does something one of a kind, on her own form of canvas, that from one creative to another, I can deeply appreciate.

Lexi is an extremely talented artist, and I am so happy she got to show her art in a different type of environment.

If you missed the episode, you can find it on Hulu, Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video. I'm sure that Discovery + would have it, but don't quote me on it!

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