My Hearts

Last July/August I stumbled across a new technique while trying to figure out alcohol inks on yupo paper. While trying to move the inks around the paper with a heat gun, the paper began to melt. I got frustrated and threw the slightly crinkled piece of paper aside, thinking nothing of it.

Then one day, I got angry. Just PURE f*cking angry. Why? Cause human beings can be really cruel and mean and I.WAS.PISSED. Which equates in my head to "DAMN IT, I want to burn something!"

In that moment, on the floor was that warped piece of yupo I messed up weeks before. Another screw up, in my mind, something else to just annoy me. So I picked up my hand butane torch, that I use for my resin art, and started burning the yupo paper, thinking nothing of it, except "don't burn the house down".