TLC x Unpolished x Loretta Oberheim Art

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

YEA! You read that right!

The Producers of the TLC show "Unpolished" reached out to me back in July seeing if I would be interested in taping an episode based on my art. They were looking for a local Long Island artist to get a set of nails done by Lexi Martone (the shows incredibly talented star), who creates nail art, out of her family full service salon not too far my house here on Long Island.

Interesting enough, Lexi's nail art incorporates A LOT of manipulating of her medium, acrylic, like I do in my heart sculptures, which is yupo paper.

So after lots of video chats with producers, and going back and forth, I was told I was chosen to be featured in an episode to get my nails done by Lexi. Frankly, I thought was pretty cool, I haven't been out of the house AT ALL this year, and I started thinking how great it would be to get to speak about WHY I make my art, and get to talk about Traumatic Brain Injuries on a national platform.

Honestly, I never watched the show. I didn't know much about Lexi, her family, who she was, anything. I was super excited to just get out of the house and talk to another creative person and not the dogs for an afternoon. But I made th