International Art and Found Day!

In the beginning in January, an artist I follow and admire on IG, Courtney Senior, shared an idea, really an initiative, to bring some joy to strangers lives on a date that is a sad one for her. The idea, leave pieces of artwork in random places in your local area for strangers to find, on the date she lost her father to Cancer.

As someone who has recently lost two family members to cancer in an 11 month period, I was in. I thought the idea of "art and found" was always so great, as I have seen her and other artist do it in the past. I always wanted to do it, but this finally got me off my couch and involved in it.

But what made March 12th even more incredible is that Courtney got a total of 354 artists across 31 countries to participate. Some of us created multiple pieces, others just one. Personally, I created two specifically for this special day.

I thought about wrapping up art that I already had done, but I wanted the art for this day to be special and new. Two to remember the two family members who were recently lost to short battles with cancer. And with the beautiful weather I knew we were suppose to be having that day, I felt it was only appropriate to create two abstract florals; "Spring Awakening - I" and " Spring Awakening - II"