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When It All Gets Placed Into Perspective

I recently began following more fellow artist on TikTok, in hopes that I would start seeing more content I would be interested in. Luckily, at the same time, other artist began a "10K Artist Follower Challenge" to help get artists into TikToks Creators Fund. I thought, "hey that's cool, if I see more artists I like, I will follow them, awesome!"

What I didn't expect would be the outpouring of love and appreciation MY art would receive from this challenge. I woke up, and in 24 hours I had a ridiculous amount of new followers and people who were so excited about MY art. Like WHAT!?

I got to enjoy new conversations about my process, why I create why I create, the materials I use, it has been pretty great, since so much of that has been taken away from artists during Covid. No gallery receptions, no discussions about pieces, just a lot of staying at home, and being more introverted that usually.

But then yesterday I received a comment on one of my videos that just shocked me. It was one of those amazing compliments, the ones you know your art connected in a way that was far beyond yupo paper, or paint on a canvas, it was pure spiritual magic. An individual who had just found my page the night before left the comment you see below. That when they look at my art, they can hear their father, with a 'thank you'. I read this, and my heart sank.

Like many people in the world, I know what loss feels like. That you would do anything to hear or speak with one specific person ONE more time, just to hear their voice. For this individual to have that experience by just viewing my art, and not even in person, I mean... WOW.

It took me a bit to think about what to write back... After the constant back and forth in my head "do I write back? OF COURSE YOU DO, LORETTA!" It truly was the best compliment I have ever received. For someone to connect with my art on such a level, on a level that I usually am on when I create each piece. Plus, I wanted them to know, where ever their father was, he is always with them, like all the people we lose, in our hearts, and in our daily lives.

I never expected anyone to see my art.

Okay, maybe just my friends on Facebook & IG, but that was really it.

I never thought I'd be in galleries, but I just gave it a shot.

I am so grateful for the airing of the "Unpolished" opportunity I have next week. When the producers reached out, I figured "sure, I doubt they'd pick me". Like, how is any of this real life? Then when I knew they had 1 episode they could drop, I thought to myself "oh its TOTALLY going to me mine!"

See, I couldn't create anything for 5 years after my accident, and I think it only clicked back in because I was drowning. My mental state was horrible. My physical health was beginning to go down this interesting downward slope. Plus everything I created prior to my accident was NOTHING like what I am making now. Probably cause I see the world completely differently.

At the end of the day, to have people, especially complete strangers, connect, and appreciate what I've created, on this level, is just mind-blowing to me.

Just thank you, EVERYONE. Every single person who has been incredibly supportive - from start to now, just THANK YOU!!!

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