Beloved II

Beloved II

“Beloved II”

🎵And as you leave, you must know you are beloved. And as you leave, I can see the wild has come for you.🎶.

I received a phone call on 11.19.19 that shattered my heart. My cousin’s 39 year old husband was being placed into hospice. The next day, I drove to Connecticut with an overnight bag, which ended up being a week long stay at Connecticut Hospice .

Sleepless nights, laughter, memories, stormtrooper onesies, tar coffee, sunsets, sunrises looking for sailboats, all lead up to this moment. The moment when he finally knew it was time.

I sang a lot to him when we are alone, and he was resting. One song that would always pop into my head was “Beloved” by Mumford and Sons .

Over the last few days, I’ve been thinking of that week, that last day. Laying on those cots at night, barely sleeping, thinking about everything and everyone you’ve ever met in your life. How other people have handled the same situation in the past and how you couldn’t understand their reaction. 

Then how everything shifted. How everything locked into place. The moment he was no longer in pain, and he was surrounded by all of those who were meant to be their.

He knew how beloved he was and still is.

Size: 36” x 36” x 1.5”

Materials: Acrylics, wax crayon, gallery wire ready to hang (no frame)

All paintings come with Certificate of Authenticity.

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