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Destructive With Age

Destructive With Age

Title: Destructive With Age


As a child, I was bullied... a lot... well into my teenage years. I always knew I was different, and I was always ridiculed for it. However, as I got older, I realized the worst bullies I had weren't my peers, but the adults around me. Parents of peers, educators, and sometimes my family members. 


The words those adults said to me have stayed with me so much longer than anything any of my peers did. They were the most destructive. But what made them get to the point of ridiculing a child? What or who damaged them? It is such a cruel cycle that if we do not become the ones who break it ourselves, we are doomed to repeat it. 


All humans are born with a clean slate. It is the world around us that forms who we are. We can settle for what has been given in our deck of cards, or work (emotionally or physically or both) to enlighten ourselves to be better than the last generation. To not become as destructive as they were. 


Size: 31”H x 10”W x 16”D

Materials: Yupo paper, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Oil Pencils

Year: 2023

The piece comes with a stand for display


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