Lifted Veil II

Lifted Veil II

Lifted Veil - II

When the mind has broken free from the restraints we place on ourselves, it is then when the soul becomes free. 

Over the past twelve months, I’ve been reflecting on what truly matters in my life. While on this journey, I’ve been facing some of my darkest demons. Allowing myself to see the things I’ve been hiding from for 35 years.

While slowing down, facing reality, and exploring my mental health, the constraints of my old daily life fell to the wayside. What emerged was my true self. A more centered, spiritual (in my own way), empathetic individual who could finally see all the colors of her world. 

The veil had been lifted. The physical pain of my medical restrictions are still there, but my mental restrictions have been lifted.

Size: 24” x 24” x 1.5”

Materials: molding paste, acrylics, gallery wire (ready to hang), unframed. Varnished with UV Archival Resistant varnish.

All paintings come with Certificate of Authenticity 

    Art speaks where words are unable to explains

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